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Family Law Attorneys.
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The importance of determining paternity.

A paternity action establishes the parentage of a child. Establishing parentage means determining who are the legal parents of a child. Parentage must be established before a court can order visitation, custody, or child support for a child whose parents were unmarried at the time of his or her birth.

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Community Property.

One of the objectives of the divorce process is to divide your property. In California, property is divided according to community property law. This means that all property that is acquired during marriage will be divided equally between you and your spouse equally – unless it was a gift or inheritance, or was acquired before marriage.

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Custody and visitation rights.

Divorce is confusing and emotional, especially when children are involved. The process of custody & visitation can include mediation, evaluation, and litigation. Using our expertise, we guide our clients through this difficult process.

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Bawden & Kochis Divorce and Family Law Attorneys

Bawden & Kochis, are family law attorneys specializing in divorce, legal separation, spousal support, child support, domestic violence and community property. Richard E. Bawden and Robert A. Kochis have a combined experience of over 40 years in family law.

Whether you are interested in a premarital agreement, mediation, filing for divorce, finally getting your child support, or determining the paternity of your child, Bawden & Kochis prove that fierce litigation and experience gets the best advice for the best results. Simply call to set your initial conference.

Why Choose Us?

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We understand that family law is complex and unfamiliar to those outside of the legal profession. Our goal is to place the client first and provide aggressive, no nonsense, quality legal representation at an affordable price. While we gear the conduct of legal matters toward early resolution and…

Free Education: Divorce Steps

Divorce Process

The following is a summary of steps that will take place concerning a dissolution of marriage action. Please be aware that not all of the issues addressed may apply to your particular case. Once the Petition for Dissolution has been filed and served, the following orders are in effect and apply to both you and your spouse. Restraining …

Free Education: Attorney Interview

Attorney Interview

You have made the painful decision to file for divorce. You’re at a loss as to how to move forward with this decision. We recommend that you personally interview an attorney with intentional questions that will educate you to know the specific philosophy and goals of a prospective law firm. The right attorney choice will make a huge difference...

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There is a common misconception that Restraining Orders can only be obtained after one party has inflicted physical abuse on the other party.  While all physical violence constitutes abuse under the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (DVPA,) not all abuse involves physical violence. Increasingly, courts are granting protective orders for nonviolent conduct that disturbs the peace of another. […]


Any time that a Dissolution of Marriage or Paternity matter is filed with the Court and there are pending child custody and/or child visitation orders, a Family Court Services Mediation appointment is mandatory.  A mediation appointment is an appointment between both parents together and a Family Court Services Mediator only.  Attorneys for either party, or any other […]


Many pet owners would considers their pets more like their children than property.  However,  pets animals are considered personal property. Penal Code section 491 provides: “Dogs are personal property, and their value is to be ascertained in the same manner as the value of other property.” Newly enacted Family Code section 2605 provides that the court may […]