Emergency Orders-Can I Get Them Now?

Well, in family law it depends. There are circumstances which support emergency court orders, but they are limited. Most family law orders require written notice to the other party, with time for a written reply, before the court makes an order. Examples of circumstances which can support emergency orders are domestic violence, child abuse and child abduction. Emergency orders can also be used to stop the sale of an asset or the cancellation of an insurance policy.  However, the great majority of orders require written notice. Before deciding whether to ask for an emergency order, it helps to know both the law and the custom of the courts in the Inland Empire. That includes cases in San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, Redlands, Colton, Beaumont, and Banning. Some courts are more willing than others to grant emergency orders. At the Law Office of Richard E. Bawden, I can assess your issues and help you to determine whether you need an emergency order for your family law case.

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