Financial Records

Keep Your Financial Records

When parties get married, they rarely think of their relationship ending in a divorce. Unfortunately, some couples eventually do get divorced, which may then require proof of the character and value of their property and debts. California is a community property state, which means that all property and debts acquired during marriage will be divided […]

Dividing Support Order Divorce

Dividing a Support Order in Divorce

Filing a Paternity matter serves the best interests of both parents and the minor child(ren). Court-ordered child custody and visitation orders can be entered, as well as child support orders. Without formal custody, visitation and support orders entered through the court, each parent has the absolute right to insist that the minor child(ren) remain in […]


California Supreme Court Rules on Date of Separation

In a marital dissolution proceeding, a court determines the division of property between the spouses by first characterizing the parties’ property as community or separate. Family Code Section 760 provides that all property acquired by the spouses during the marriage is community property “except as otherwise provided by statute.” One such statute is Family Code […]


Gathering Documents for Divorce

It’s inevitable. You and your spouse are separating and you need a family law attorney, and you need one now. Your friends gave you referrals. You researched attorneys in the area, and you interviewed prospective attorneys. Finally, you selected an attorney (preferably one that specializes in family law), and you are ready to retain his […]


Why do you need a Certified Family Law Specialist?

When someone calls our office for a possible appointment, I always inform them that Attorney  Bawden is a Certified Family Law Specialist.  An attorney who does not specialize in a certain area of law may not be best suited for family law issues.  Family law issues are complex and they change. In order to keep […]