Child Custody

Custody and visitation rights

Divorce is confusing and emotional, especially when children are involved. The process of custody & visitation can include mediation, evaluation, and litigation. Using our expertise, we guide our clients through this difficult process. There are two types of custody – legal custody and physical custody.


What is legal custody?

Legal custody refers to your decision-making authority regarding your children, such as choice of school, childcare, religious instruction, and other major decisions.

What is physical custody?

Physical custody refers to how much time you spend with your children. It is often difficult for parents to come up with their own agreement regarding custody and visitation rights. If parents must move out of the area for a job, the logistics of parenting become much more difficult and parents may not be able to reach a custody agreement. If parents are unable to reach an agreement, a court must decide their custody issues. At that time, attorneys are especially needed to litigate the issue.

Mother and Children

Our team will help you create a parenting plan that will best suit you and your children’s needs. The plan describes the amount of time each child spends with each parent. Parenting plans may also have to be modified as circumstances change in order to serve the best interests of the children.