Robert and Richard

Here is a sampling of the feedback we’ve received from our clients.

Robert was professional, dependable, informative, and during this stressful time, he made the process livable! I’m so thankful to him!

Monica 6.27.19

Professional, but the thing that I appreciated the most was not being pushed around and belittled by Robert. He listened well and didn’t waste my time telling personal anecdotes about his life and didn’t tell stories to give examples!

Cherry 6.27.19

I would recommend the legal services to friends and family because I was happy with my services. Things were always communicated through phone and email making it easy. Always answered my concerns and questions.

Breanne 6.24.19

The whole office is very caring and sympathetic about the situation they are representing. They realize how stressful a court case is for the client and do their best to be reassuring.

Rena 6.24.19

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere thanks in helping me complete my divorce process. It wasn’t something I wanted; however, it was something that had to happen. You and your office staff were great. It must be hard working with people on stuff that makes them so emotionally charged, yet you and your team were so pleasant, thank you!

A friend of mine, Tiffany, referred me to you folks. The care, character, and consideration lived up to her description of you and your office. All the best!!

Joe 6.21.19

I was very pleased with the help I received by your office. Thank you!!!

Kimberly 5.8.18

I was treated with courtesy and respect by everyone in the office. I would definitely give you a good recommendation to all my friends and family!!!!

Diana 5.7.18

I was very satisfied with the service I received. All A’s for you!!!!

Ruthemma 4.21.18

Helped avoid trial by allowing ex to come in to explain retirement, etc.

Melynda 3.19.18

Richard, Serina and staff have been AMAZING over the 4+ years I have needed services. From prompt answers, after hour calls, and next day meetings, they helped ease the stress of a very stressful situation. THANK YOU!

Meghan 12.29.17

The legal staff kept me updated and in check. Mr. Kochis represented me well in court-very professional and knowledgeable. Thank you for your help.

Anthony 12.29.17

The services provided by Richard Bawden and staff was great. My case was taken care of fast and professionally. I highly recommend their services to anyone that needs them.

Mario 11.22.17

All paperwork and representation was good. Thank you guys.

Bunreat 11.8.17

When I received the office evaluation, I gave Bawden & Kochis a grade of all A’s for their office; I also rated their office communication and professionalism with all 10’s.

Stephen 9.29.17

I appreciated the professionalism of Bawden & Kochis law firm. The office staff are courteous and have the client’s best interest in mind. A divorce with kids is the hardest thing that I have experienced but throughout the process, I have appreciated Mr. Kochis’ legal knowledge and ability to represent me. I do think that without skilled representation and a lot of prayer, I could have fared far worse and definitely would have been taken advantage of. So I will always recommend Bawden & Kochis. I truly thank you for all of your help.

Loralee 9.25.17

When I received the office evaluation, I gave Bawden & Kochis a grade of all A’s for their office; I also rated their office communication and professionalism with all 10’s.

Rudy 9.25.17

Bawden & Kochis completed my divorce in an efficient and timely manner! All A’s!

Michael 6.26.17

Outstanding representation! Caring! All A’s on my scoring card……

Gina 8.20.16

Richard, Thank you and please thank your staff. Everyone in your office has made this difficult situation go much smoother than I had envisioned. I will definitely recommend you to anyone needing family law help.

Allan 8.17.16

A+ To sum it all up, for the last 7+ years, Mr. Bawden and his staff have treated me ‘like their father and family would’….and I am 57 years old. I can’t find/say enough kind words. Even at your most vulnerable time in a hard stage of life, I always felt safe on this arena. Best

Tony 4.22.16

Excellent level of professionalism. Quick, diligent, and gets the job done without question.

Leanna 4.30.16

Everyone in your office was very helpful and always answered any questions that I had. You were all very patient and understanding with me during a very difficult time. Thank you very much for everything.

Rose 4.13.16

I believe I paid Richard and his staff the highest compliment I could by giving his name to a young mom facing a divorce with 3 young children. After meeting him, she said, ‘He is going to take care of us.’ Richard was the second attorney I hired. I have no doubt that had I hired him first my divorce would have been completed sooner and cost me far less. He is honest and direct and knows the law. He looked out for my best interest. I was so impressed when I received, after hours, telephone calls from him. Richard never left me hanging after his conferences with opposing counsel or when he was out of the office for any length of time. I appreciate the expertise, professionalism, and compassion I received from Richard, Serina and Mary. My gratitude goes to Richard, Serina and Mary for seeing me through a divorce and a new lease on life!

Wendy 10.7.15

Dear Richard, Serina and Mary– I want to thank each of you for your hard work and efforts in my divorce. I have no doubt that had I hired you first, it would have settled much sooner. I also believe everything happens for a reason. Because of that, I believe that my divorce is a result of the course that was supposed to take place. I know I carried myself with dignity and integrity throughout, and you echoed that. I appreciate your expertise, honesty, professionalism, patience and compassion. I am grateful and relieved for the divorce.

Wendy 6.11.15

I have had a most professional ‘Get It Done’ experience with you. I felt your services were sincere and caring. Thank all of your team. God bless you all.

Sharon 5.23.15

Richard-you guys were great! Fast, efficient, professional. Serina was fantastic! Thanks,

Jerry 5.6.15

Mr. Bawden is well spoken and helped me to understand the legal terms very well. Thank you for all your help!

Neil 4.13.15